Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the body are treated?
Laser applications are made to specific acupuncture or energy points located on the ears, nose, hands and feet. The actual points vary depending on the specific problem being treated such as smoking or weight loss etc.

How long does each session take?
45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on each person’s, individual problem or situation).

Stop Smoking Example: most people succeed with a single one-hour visit. Additional boosters are included in the plan and we very often recommend a booster session to be done within a couple of weeks if you are having problems.

How many treatments are needed?
The number of laser sessions required varies from person to person and for what problem(s) is being addressed. Your laser technician will explain and customize a plan specifically for you.

How effective is Acculaser for smoking cessation?
Acculaser’s clients results are very positive and exceptionally high compared to the alternative ways of trying to quit smoking such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, anti depressant drugs, cold turkey, stop smoking pills or potions and hypnosis, etc.

Is Acculaser effective for Weight Loss?
Our clients must be willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes such as following a healthy
nutrition / diet plan as well as exercising.

One of the primary functions of the laser procedure is to accelerate the metabolism. It increases the burn rate of calories and suppresses the appetite and cravings for sweets. Our full weight loss package also recommends a few very important supplements to help in the process.

Is the laser process safe?
Laser therapy is completely safe, painless and drug-free. Certified Laser Technicians use only approved proprietary protocols created by Acculaser.

Is the Acculaser process medically approved?
This is a non-medical procedure. It is not covered by most insurance plans, however many medical Doctors and Dentists do refer their patients to Acculaser. The FDA has classified low-level laser devices as a "non-significant risk" device. Provided protective eyewear is worn they pose no health risk to the client.

How long does having no cravings last after the session?
You won't have physical cravings, it will be the mental habit.

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