The Features and Benefits of Acculaser Therapy

Affordable Health care
One hour appointments
Low cost treatments
Individual consultation
Certified Laser Technicians
Painless and Drug Free
Private and confidential
On going support

Acculaser helps control addictions and achieve goals in all areas of self-improvement.

Acculaser helps control over 60 health problems, including addiction to nicotine, drugs or alcohol, managing weight, severe or chronic pain, stress and sleep disorders, etc.

Acculaser combines the ancient principles of 'acupuncture' with the modern technology of' 'laser', giving you an advanced form of health care. Low power helium neon lasers and electro-biostimulation stimulates age old auricular and body acupuncture points.

Laser treatments are a painless, drugless and extremely effective form of therapy, with rapid results.

No adverse side effects have been associated with Laser Therapy.

Note: Acculaser complements treatments by other health care professionals. It is not meant to replace medical attention.


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